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In addition to freelance and on-set makeup services, I offer personalized makeup events and lessons that cater to individual preferences and needs. Whether you have a specific event or lesson in mind or just want to explore new possibilities, I am here to make your ideas a reality! Feel free to reach out, and together, we can create a unique and memorable experience tailored just for you!


Makeup Booth

Welcome to my personalized makeup booth service! With experience servicing London nightlife events like Riposte and Q’were, we provide guests with bespoke 20-minute makeup applications tailored to their preferences. I come prepared with an extensive portfolio of reference images ensuring clients receive the perfect look, while I encourage them to bring their own ideas to create a unique and stunning makeup transformation. In addition to my full makeup kit that includes a range of products for every skin type and tone, I will also bring a variety of unique additions such as spikes, fake piercings, bows, rhinestones, and glitter.This way everyone can feel they have a truly creative and unique look! Book this for a makeup experience that brings your event and its attendees to life!

Queer + Gender affirming makeup Lessons

As a queer artist, it is essential for me to share my knowledge with the community. I provide personalized makeup lessons for the queer community, focusing on gender-affirming makeup catered to individual preferences for a more feminine or masculine look. Topics covered include "feminine vs masculine makeup", color correction, hair cover-up, contour, highlight, brow shaping, eyeliner, and fake facial hair application. Each lesson also includes product recommendations suitable for any budget. In addition to gender-affirming makeup, I offer personalized lessons for anyone identifying as LGBT+ at discounted rates, working on a pay-what-you-can scale for all transgender clients.


Drag Makeup

Whether you're delving into drag makeup for the first time, preparing for a performance, or seeking to enhance your skills, this drag makeup lesson is tailored to meet your needs. As both a makeup artist and a performing drag artist, I offer comprehensive instruction that covers everything from basic techniques like brow gluing and hair coverup to advanced skills like special effects makeup and intricate eye looks. For those looking for a professional drag makeup application without a lesson, I also provide this service. Get ready to unleash your inner drag persona and perfect your unique drag style with my personalized lessons and services.


Face painting is a fun activity that appeals to both children and the young at heart! I provide face painting services for a variety of occasions, including parties, markets, and other events. I arrive equipped with a complete face painting kit, including glitter, and showcasing examples of over 30 different face paint designs. I also offer custom designs upon request! All materials used are professional-grade and safe for all ages, ensuring a delightful and worry-free experience for everyone involved.

When requesting this service please let me know size of events and how many expected people for facepaint.


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